2,000 free airline tickets to Vegas from the casino owner Casino Vegas starts June 4, and the owner of the two gambling establishments has decided to pay for 2,000 one-way tickets at his own expense. With no obligation to stay at his hotels or play at his casinos. Just such a generous gesture to support businesses in the city and the airline industry, which has also been hit hard by the quarantine.  Derek Stevens, who owns Golden Gate and D Las Vegas, offered 1,000 free one-way tickets to Las Vegas. Within just a couple of hours, all the tickets were gone, and he announced an additional 1,000 tickets. In this way, he wanted to celebrate the launch of the gambling industry in the state of Nevada. The tickets were bought from five different airlines and flights would take place from several dozen U.S. cities from June 3 to 5. The speed with which the free tickets went out was seen by Derek Stevens as a good indicator that the city can quickly recover from the shock. He said: Whether people decide to visit my casinos or explore other parts of the city, it's a strong indicator of how quickly Las Vegas can return to its past glory. I just wanted to support Las Vegas. A lot of players from UK plan to visit Las Vegas after checking information about netent software on https://bestnetentcasino.info/en/