Lung disease


Bronchiectasia is a congenital or acquired expansion of large and medium bronchi (lobular, equity and segmental bronchi). Extension - cylindrical or mixed. Basically bronchiectasia is localized in the lower bodies of the lungs. Very often they are inflamed, and then you can talk about bronchiectasia. The disease is caused by a number of factors - acute and chronic inflammation of bronchi, congenital or acquired anomalies, broncho-block obstruction and others.



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Clinical picture.

Non-inflammatory bronchiectasia proceeds asymptomatic.

When inflammation there is a cough with yellowish brown wets. Often the sputum is very abundant out of the lungs. Typical is a frequent recurrence of pneumonia in patients with abundant bleeding from the lungs. In the late stage of the disease, severe complications arise - abscess, pneumaticism, respiratory and heart failure, amyloidosis of internal organs (mainly kidney).

Treatment consists of the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents, bronchophyters, expectorant, oxygen, inhalation, climatic treatment are used. The exacerbations and complications require treatment under hospital. With limited location and indications, surgical removal of affected lungs is carried out.

The forecast of uncomplicated bronchiectase is good. Forecast for launched bronchiectasis and complications (pneumonia, abscess, amyloidosis, etc.) is a serious and unfavorable.

Prevention is to avoid predisposing and infectious factors causing an inflammatory process. Walking outdoors and physical procedures are recommended. No smoking. Sanitation of infectious flares (tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis, dental granuloma, etc.).

Bronchiolitis is the acute inflammation of bronchiole and is usually the complication of severe acute tracheobronchita.

The disease occurs at high body temperature (above 39 ° C), with severe breath, rapid and superficial breathing, bloating, ears, lips and fingers. The cough is painful, with a complex separation of grayish yellow foamy sputum. Inflammation lasts 5-6 weeks. my name is Emily, living in America ,I happened to visit Russian. I was lucky enough to buy a ticket on the golden ring , and this is the most amazing trip in my life.We traveled on a ship , which showed beautiful landscapes, scarlet sunsets and emotions took over me.I watched a lot and learned new territories for me,the views of nature and wonderful animals conquered my heart.I am very grateful to the tour organization that they tourists so well.The ship is in excellent condition , the team is very cheerful and friendly , I really liked everything. River Cruises ★ Welcome S-Cruises★ ☎ +13323318721 ☎