Horton's disease or gianthellic arteritis is considered an ageal disease in which the inflammatory process begins to affect large and medium-sized arteries. At the same time, their narrowing and development of thromboms occurs.
What reasons are the disease caused?
The reasons that can cause this condition quite a lot. But the main ones are the following:
- availability of viral infection;
- genetic predisposition;
- low immune system;
Also gigantaeer arteritis can cause the presence of diseases such as tuberculosis or hepatitis.
What features indicates this state?
Gigantaeer arteritis has its own characteristic symptoms that are divided into several types. Namely:
General symptoms are permanent headaches, an increase in temperature with a long flow, in the area of ​​the person appears pain syndrome and a sense of language numbness. In the future, severe irritability, insomnia, strong weight loss and pain in all muscles begin to join.
Vascular symptoms include the appearance of seals in the form of nodules on the head, painful sensations in the arteries.
With the defeat of the organs of vision, split in the eyes, their pain, decrease in visual acuity and fog before their eyes.
What diagnostic methods of identifying the disease are carried out?
First of all, the specialist holds a complete examination of the patient and collecting his complaints. Supplementary examinations include the delivery of biochemical blood test, radiographic examination, the fence of the material from the temporal artery for biopsy and ophthalmoscopy.
What is prescribed treatment for Horton's disease?
The main drug therapy is the purpose of glucocorticoids. At the same time, the daily dose is prescribed for each patient individually. The prescribed dose of the drug should be applied within a month. In severe cases, it can be increased. If no symptoms of the disease are absent during 6 months, the drug is canceled. With a clear compliance with the prescriptions of the doctor, the forecast for recovery is very favorable.
Horton's disease is a rather dangerous disease that can provoke the emergence of serious complications. Therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease appears, immediately contact a specialist for advice and the appointment of treatment. best forex brokers in nigeria