You bought an apartment with a big loggia - you are a real lucky one! Together with the loggia, you got a great place for joint sites, family dinners in the air and a pleasant pastime behind a glass of "Rocky". In general, the loggia can become an excellent dining room, just have to make a little effort for this. To begin with, decide whether you want to spend time on the loggia and in the cold time too, or will it go only for a warm period? If you are satisfied with the last option, the task becomes even easier - at least, it will not be necessary to insulate the loggia. If you are planning autumn, and maybe even winter gatherings, you will have to work seriously for this. You need a lot of material. Keep in mind that drywall and plywood wholesale are much cheaper, and therefore it makes sense to look at the wholesale warehouses of building materials.
Second - furnishings. The main thing is to be cozy in the dining room. Here you will take your friends, spend small feast and arrange joint meals with your family or pleasant people. Of course, the unchanging attribute of such meetings should be comfort and comfort. What is needed in order to turn into a cozy corner? First of all, put in order window. My glass, hang cozy curtains of pleasant colors, with beautiful patterns. Short curtains and light tulle will look great, do not fit the blinds at all, if, of course, you do not want to turn your cozy loggia into office camork. It is also not necessary to install PVC window sills - not the style.
The main object of the situation should be the table. Its dimensions depend on the size of the loggia, so it is unlikely to be big, but you need to find such all members of the family, well, at least five people fit. It is clear that in this case the round or oval shape of the table is preferable. Mandatory a beautiful tablecloth. But there are no chairs on the loggia. Enough two. In any case, if there is a need, then the missing chairs can be brought from the inner rooms of the apartment. Perfectly fit into the situation a narrow sofa or a small armchair. Ideal will be a rocking chair, if you have it. It does not hurt a small bedside table to which you can put a book, put a cup with tea or throw some trifle.
In the free corner or niche, you can build a small locker, in which the dishes will wait. In order not to run every time behind glasses, a cup, instruments or a plate into the kitchen, they can be stored here - it will be very convenient.
On the floor lay a carpet or carpet. And let it be not a new track, but its soft will give even more comfort to your small island of calm and comfort that you create for yourself and your loved ones! Best guide to find Russian bride . Looking for wives from russia? Try it now!