I wonder who the first came to the opinion that men ruled the logic? For some reason, it is assumed that they are inherent rationality and thoughtfulness.

A man is always normal, and a woman is a puddoxic creature. Want to hear about true male nature? To your attention - incredible paradoxes of men!

A man is a defender. The main task of a man is to defend the Fatherland, family, peace all over the world. Why, more and more often, do we observe the reluctance of young guys to pass the service in the army? Previously, they were proud of what they served, now, what they ignited.

A man is a traitor. Changed woman vicious. Its drop is unforgivable. She does not deserve condescension. And the treason of a man is the nature of the laid by an instinct to continue the genus and serves as an excuse.

Men are proud of the amount of betrayal. At the same time, they do not get tired of repeating that they love you the only one. With the blessing of Freud and Darwin, males satisfy the low-albeit lust, but refuse to women in this right.

Male - Macho. Any cockerel, a regularly changing partner and flying out of the nest to the nest, considers himself a cool macho. In the eyes of friends, he becomes an example for imitation and a symbol of the hero of modernity. Interestingly, why for a woman, with the same regularity invented another, more capacious designation?

The man is decisive. In fact, the man and the step will not do without discussed the problem with the close circle of friends. Their opinion for him weighing your own.

Obviously, both the lives of life for each they are also chosen by the method of universal voting. Moreover, all vital decisions are accepted after taking a fair amount of hot drinks on the chest.

Why does confidence occur in a similar course of events? And in your life there were no unexpected turns? On Friday you and your husband decide the Sunday evening to spend in the Italian restaurant. On Saturday, he meets with friends. All Sunday you miss the sports bar. That's something!

A man is a wonderful memory. Try to find out if your man remembers such important dates as: the birthdays of parents, yours, your children? Is it capable of calling a marriage registration date? In fact, all these events are constantly walking in his time.

Nevertheless, a man will stubbornly prove his rightness while you do not suffer from a birth certificate or marriage.

Male - telephone paradox. He can not take a clock and this is normal. But it is worth not to answer the call to you - and the reason for a tedious grumble.

Man - critic. Getting used to criticize in the whole woman, a man does not accept criticism in his address.

The man is truthful. Men love their children insanely, or rather the reproduction process itself.

Incredible paradoxes of men are not exhausted by this list. But isn't it funny? Find out how omnichannel crm works.