Overall, the Austrian poker king Peter Zanoni is not exactly cheap. The entrepreneur is under pressure in several places and has recently also come into the focus of investigations into the "Ibiza affair". At least there are small bright spots here and there for Zanoni. Now, for example, he announced that the Concord Card Casinos will still be open after January 1, 2020. However, this is not a 100 percent breakthrough.

Good news for Vienna's poker players

In the ongoing bureaucracy war against the Austrian authorities, poker king Peter Zanoni can book a partial success. At the moment, the focus of Austrian poker players is primarily on Vienna. The Concord Card Casinos were actually threatened with closure on January 1, 2020 . Zanoni, however, didn't want to let that get her down. As early as November of this year, the entrepreneur said at a press conference that he did not plan to close his casinos on January 1st. And apparently he doesn't have to either. In any case, the company boss announced in a statement in person that the casinos will remain open after January 1, 2020 .

Specifically, it says here: “Dear guests! Dear Colleagues! We are particularly pleased to be able to inform you that, due to the current development in the proceedings currently pending at the Constitutional Court and the European Courts, a situation has arisen that will ensure the continued operation of the Concord Card Casinos and the associated branches beyond the turn of the year . The success story under the motto "The lights never go out in the Concord Card Card Casinos!" Is being continued. "

Poker King wants to take the worry out of guests and employees

The reason for the continued operation of the Concord Card Casinos lies less in a real success in court, but rather in the pending state. This simply does not allow the Austrian authorities to put a stop to Zanoni's operations. At best, this message can be described as a small interim success. However, Zanoni seems to know that - and he apparently expects that guests and employees could also be thoughtful. For this reason, a few words can be found in the statement with which the entrepreneur apparently wants to take some of the worries of employees and visitors away. It says here: “We can assure you that the management will responsibly take care of the safety of guests and employees, so that neither visiting our branches nor working in the context of an employment relationship will have any legally disadvantageous consequences can pull. "

In addition, the entrepreneur points out that guests can continue to rely on the usual service when visiting the casinos . In conclusion, the entrepreneur thanks the team for the appreciation and trust in the casinos.

Zanoni in the swamp of the "Ibiza affair"?

So although the continuation is good news for Zanoni, there is otherwise trouble everywhere. The entrepreneur has been fighting in court against a change in the law since 2013, probably in vain. It stipulates that from 2020 onwards, poker may only be played in state online casino reviews. In addition, bankruptcy proceedings have already been initiated against Zanoni. And that wasn't all for a long time. The Austrian media recently reported that the entrepreneur may be involved in the "Ibiza Affair". It is said that Zanoni and ex-Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache may have come to agreements about the legal situation. For example, during his time as Minister for Sport and Civil Servants, Strache campaigned several times forthat poker is recognized as an official sport . In this way, the 2013 law on card games could have been overturned. The authorities now suspect possible donations from Casino King Zanoni.

Both Strache and Zanoni admitted, according to Austrian media, to have met. Strache explains that, as an entrepreneur, Zanoni has the right to want to shape the law in his favor. The casino founder, in turn, stated that he had approached all parties with his request for help. The FPÖ would have finally assured him of support. Despite these statements, the authorities are unlikely to be satisfied. The fact is that the "Ibiza Affair" is drawing ever wider circles and apparently more and more participants are appearing in the orbit. For Zanoni, this doesn't necessarily make things easier, because the businessman currently has to fight on several fronts at the same time. Financially, too, an enormous expense that cannot be carried out on a long-term basis. So how things will continue in the coming months remains exciting.