Bastion is a combat robot, which in configuration: Sentry can independently hold the strategic position and reflect the attacks of the enemy! Configuration: Sentry is also suitable for capture - just select a well-protected place, preferably at the wall to cover your back and shoot. This is a good time to mention that, since the Sentry Bastion cannot move and has a limited angle of attack, you need to constantly monitor your back;

Plus, you get an extra shield through which opponents must pass before they can apply any damage.

Using its ultimate ability, called configuration: Tank, bastion shoots long-range missiles, which cover a large area, which allows you to apply a huge damage in area, especially in narrow aisles or in limited spaces such as rooms.

+ Destructive damage when using Configuration: Sentry
+ Additional shield when using Configuration: Sentry
+ Huge ammunition when using Configuration: Sentry - 200 ammunition!
+ Self-healing
- Bad mobility
- Can not move when using configuration: Sentry
- Limited angle of attack when using Configuration: Sentry.
- If you do not know the card, the enemy can easily hide from your character, cauting you with defenseless.

Characteristics of heroes and how to resist

Below you will find a list of all characters available in Overwatch, their descriptions and council tips.


Ana is a combination of a support and sniper. Its main role is to ensure the survival of its allies, but it can also cause a pretty decent damage. It is armed with darts for sleep, boiled darts and biotic grenades. Ana is not too steep character, so it is better to keep it away from the front line.


Its nano-boost creates wonders, so you must remember that some characters can get more benefit from it than others. For example, McCry, headlight, soldier 76 or a reaper can apply much more damage and often put the entire enemy team on their knees.

Use Sleep Dart to the heroes that have just started activating their unique ability. Thanks to this, you can interrupt their attack.
Save the biotic grenade for team battles.


Ana is a fragile character, so any character who can quickly get away from it will be a problem. This is especially true of Genji, rebel and tracer. If this happens, the output from the predicament is only one - Sleep Dart. $20 minimum deposit casino