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Hajj 2023 Pre-Registration Form

New Hajj 2023 Announcements to Canadian and American Muslims

Ikhlas Hajj & Umrah Services is pleased to announce to Canadian and American Muslims that we’ve become the first and only Canadian Hajj operator partnered with a reputable Saudi Arabian company (Safir) to facilitate Hajj 1444H/2023 for Canadian and American pilgrims in line with new guidelines and processes from the Ministry of Hajj. Our licensed partnership with the Saudi company will provide you with secured Hajj, supported with a logistic team and top-tier Canadian Imams, that will make your guided Hajj safe, comfortable, and confusion free. For further information on package details and the booking process, register your interest for Hajj 2023 to secure your spot and to stay up to date with all the latest announcements. There is no payment to be made at this stage.

To whom we offer our Hajj 2023 services:

We offer our Hajj 2023 services for Canadian & US citizens only.

A. Our services include:

  • Handling of Hajj 2023 application process.
  • Making sure your application gets selected THROUGH SECURE CHANNEL.
  • Payment Arrangement through our Saudi representative and paying for your Hajj inside the Saudi Arabian secure banking system.
  • Airline arrangements.
  • Local logistic services in Saudi Arabia, such as airport meeting, transportation & hotel assistance.
  • Religious guidance, our Imams & students of knowledge will guide you step by step before your travel time and throughout your hajj journey and Madinah visit, until you return to your country.
  • Our logistic and religious team is equipped to serve you.

B. Registration Process without any payment:

  • Fill out the Hajj 2023 registration form.
  • Attach a clear passport scan.
  • No Payment Required Now

C. Process after the approval of your Hajj 2023 spot by Ministry of Hajj:

  • Our team works with first come, first serve base for Hajj 2023.
  • Will providing you with packages selection soon.
  • Make the full payment once or installments, as per Ministry of Hajj policy and timeline.
  • Ikhlas Hajj & Umrah Services will make the payment for its applicant to the hajj suppliers of Ministry of Hajj.
  • Our teams will handle the logistic and religious preparation with our Saudi partner to facilitate Hajj 2023 from A-Z for our groups.

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If any male applicant less than 18 years old or female less than 45 years old – at the time of Travel- then must have a Mahram.

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Emergency Contact



Travel insurance is optional for every pilgrim/traveler, its strongly recommended by IATA and its available for purchase, you must understand it is the pilgrim and/or parent/guardians’ responsibility to purchase and review the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy purchased. You should understand that the travel insurance provider is the sole determiner for coverage and is an independent company which ‘Ikhlas does not control or manage.


We will keep you updated with any updated policy requirements/changes and information by The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, or relevant Hajj authorities.

لبيك اللهم لبيك

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