Our Umrah package combined with a tour of Jordan and Masjid-Al-Aqsa is
very popular among pilgrims as this provides an opportunity to visit
all three great mosques (Masjid Al Haram, Masjid Al Nabavi
and Masjid Al Aqsa) in one visit.

This unique tour allows visitors to see various places in Jordan and in Jerusalem including Masjid Al Aqsa, the Mosque that holds a very important place in our hearts as it used to be our first Qibla. It is the 3rd most holy site after Makkah and Madinah in Islam.

Al-Aqsa means the farthest point, and refers to Mohammed’s ((peace be upon him) miraculous night flight on Al-Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem and back. It is the location for the most extraordinary gathering in the history of mankind when every Prophet that ever lived were gathered together for a congregational prayer behind Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

All Muslims should undertake this journey as there are numerous ahadiths of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the importance of Masjid Al-Aqsa and the reward associated to travelling to this second house of Allah that was built on earth after Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was initially completed in 691 CE at the order of Umayyad Caliph Abdul-Malik. The Dome of the Rock is now one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture. It is one the 'Jerusalem's most recognizable landmark. Its architecture and mosaics were patterned after nearby Byzantine churches and palaces.

The octagonal plan of the structure may also have been influenced by the Byzantine Chapel of St Mary built between 451 and 458 on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.


Al-Aqsa Mosque, "the Farthest Mosque", also known as Al-Aqsa and Bayt al-Muqaddas, is the third holiest site in Sunni Islam and is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The site on which the silver domed mosque sits, along with the Dome of the Rock, also referred to as al-Haram ash-Sharif ("the Noble Sanctuary"). It is the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, the place where the Temple stood before being destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Masjid-Al Aqsa is the place from which Mohammed S.A. ascended to heaven. Al-Aqsa means the farthest point, and refers to Mohammed S.A’s miraculous night flight on Al-Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem and back.


Jerusalem, a city holy to the three great monotheistic religions. The ancient city has experienced great bloodshed over the centuries, twenty times destroyed and yet still standing. In the Old City you will encounter the oriental charm and be plunged into the souk's colorful alleys which takes you to the meeting places of the three major monotheistic religions: the Via Dolorosa, Omar Ebn Al Khatab mosque and Church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of emblems of Christianity.

Western Wall

The Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is a relatively small western segment of the walls surrounding the area called the Temple Mount (by Jews, Christians and most Western sources, and known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary (Al-Haram ash-Sharīf).

Mount of Olives

The highest peak, at-Tur, rises to 818 meters and offers not only a splendid view on the old city, but also an important place in the history of three monotheist religions.

Raba’a Adwieh Tomb

Raba Adwiehwas a dancer and singer during the Abbasside period. Once she left the world of spectacle and devoted her life to Islam, she became one of the most famous women in Islam.

Salman Al Farisi Tomb

Salman Al Farsi was a companion of Khalif Omar Ben Al Khtab. All together they reached Al Quds in 638. Then drive to Hebron, the city built by the Canaanites around 4000 BC.

Tomb of the Patriarchs

Tomb of the Patriarchs contains the tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives. Prayer in the Al Khalil mosque. Then, a Halhul visit NabiYonef mosque. Continue to Bethlehem, visit place of birth of Prophet Issa. Back to Al Quds, evening prayers at Al Aqsa. Dinner and overnight in your hotel

Jericho - Dead Sea – Amman

Green oasis near the Dead Sea: Jericho, the lowest city in the world at 240 metres below the sea level. Stop in Ibmoussa mosque: according to tradition the Prophet Moussa –Moïse is buried there. Visit JabelAlnabiIssa. Then transfer to Allenby Bridge, border crossing with Jordan, meet with our representative, transfer to the dead sea, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the indescribable feeling of floating on the Dead Sea. Continue to Kahf Al Raqim, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, with a mosque fitting the description of the Holy Quran. Visit NabiShoayb. Proceed to the oldest part of Amman to Al Husseini Mosque, built on remains of a mosque in 640 AD by caliph Umar bin Al Khattab.

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